University Project

Group Project


Magazine about Graphics and the Body Designed with Sarah Nehme and Samia Husari. 

We were asked to create a magazine around a topic of our choice. With our tutor being Reza Abedini, we were fascinated by the use of his own body in his various posters, so we decided to focus the magazine on the body and graphic design. This magazine has two sides, that the reader can flip to promote interactivity with the paper. One blue that covers how designers are inspired by the body for design and art purposes. One orange that covers how designers use bodies to create design and artworks. We used a footnoting system, to highlight that this is an academic magazine. The footnotes give you extra information, but you still understand the articles without them. The use of the vertical footnoting gives a new reading experience, where the reader would rotate the magazine in order to read them. The reader can also flip the book completely to read the second part of the magazine.

The Spreads shown here are some of the ones that I’ve designed.