Journal of a live project

Self-initiated Project / University Project



While researching the relationship between sound or any intangible medium and print design, I have decided to document my process, my conversations, and my findings, in a way to present myself and my projects to others.  I had been transcribing, translating and transfixing discussions around the theme of translating sound into visuals, the process of which have turned the outcome of my project. This is a personal journal, which includes these essays, and conversations with people discussing the project and its potential future. Thus this journal includes experiments of translation, imputing sounds into visualizers or analyzingand drawing out their waveforms and even inputting a raw file of the particular sound file into photoshop.


 Voice book

The second part of this project involved creating an illegible font of my voice. After recording myself saying the alphabet, the raw file of each letter was transformed into a jpeg file, which I then processed into Fontlab.