In development / on-going

Self-initiated Project

Identity and editorial design for upcoming electronic music label in Beirut, Lebanon

Carousel is a follow-up to my final year project at the American University of Beirut, where I created a fictional music collective and community platform.

The goal of Carousel is to promote and showcase the best in electronic music, artists and events across the country. The identity features strong patterns highlighting the industrial feel of techno music, with it's repetitive and hard and fast tempo. The overall identity is monochromatic in black and white which recalls the hedonistic and political features of the scene itself. The posters reveal half the face of the proposed DJ to promote the music. Personal identities are thus rendered meaningless which evokes the disappearance of the ego. Djs and ravers become one, and form a community. 


Corporate Identity





Carousel will also feature a bi-annual magazine that combines features with listings, directories and industry tools, creating content and services for many reader. It will play an indispensable role in supporting the electronic music industry in Lebanon.



The label will also release records featuring the latest music from various artists, where the design showcases a typographic treatment and advertises the music instead of the DJ and people can relate to it more easily.